The Church of the Good Shepherd had its beginnings in the early 1900’s as a branch of the Ladies Auxiliary and Sunday School of Trinity Church, Towson. Its members met in private homes until the erection in 1910 of a church building on Maple Avenue in what is now known as Riderwood. It was then recognized as a parochial mission of Trinity with the name, Chapel of the Good Shepherd, and its vestry (or “sub vestry” as it was then called) was appointed by Trinity’s rector.

The second rector, John C. Grainger, served the parish for 16 years until his retirement in 1965. The third rector, David F. Gearhart, presided over the parish during the turbulent 1960’s and 70’s as Good Shepherd

In 1985 the fourth rector, Ben Huddleston Smith, came on the scene from academe, having previously been a college professor for 22 years. During his tenure the Holy Eucharist became the central act of corporate worship, replacing a long-standing tradition of Morning Prayer.

In 2000, CoGS called its fifth rector, the Scott Slater, who remained with us through our 100th anniversary celebration in 2010. And in 2011 Good Shepherd called Arianne Rice the current rector.